Samsung Galaxy S8+ Some Users Report Wireless Charging Problems

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Some Users Report Wireless Charging Problems

Samsung Galaxy S8+: After the reported red tinge on many Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ display screens, a new issue seems to be cropping up for some early adopters. Select Galaxy S8+ owners are reporting issues with wireless charging, with the phone not being able to charge even when using Samsung branded wireless charging pads.

The smartphones are wireless charging compatible, however users are complaining on the Samsung community page that when the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is placed on Samsung-branded wireless charging plates, it does not charge seamlessly. The device shows a ‘wireless charging paused’ sign continuously, and after a while, the phone notifies you of irregular charging while your phone is on the charging plate. This was also demoed in a video by John Kuchta, where Samsung-branded charging plates and chords were used, but the Galaxy S8+ was not able to charge.
Apparently, the issue is limited to Galaxy S8+ users, and no Galaxy S8 user has so far reported of the issue. One user wrote on the Samsung community page that the issue arose when he tried to use fast charging. When going the non-fast charging way, charging was unaffected for him, even when he used non-Samsung branded charging plates.

A thread on XDA Developers explains that the problem can be eradicated by using the right adapter and genuine Samsung fast wireless charging pad. User ObsidianGT’s tests show that his Galaxy S8+ works fine with the first wireless pad launched with the Galaxy Note 5, as well as the one launched with the Galaxy S7.

He noted that third-party and knock-off Samsung wireless charging pads may result in the ‘paused’ error, and the YouTube video user may be using a knock-off charging plate, even if his adapters are genuine. Samsung has so far been silent on the said wireless charging problems, but it earlier confirmed that it will issue a fix for the red tint display problem soon.

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