Facebook Camera Integrate GIF - It's Own Animated GIF

Facebook Camera Integrate GIF – It’s Own Animated GIF Image Creator

Biggest Social Media Company Facebook Inc. Shows there power and Integrate GIF feature on Facebook Camera. I don’t know do you use it or not, but this has been spotted on Facebook for iOS. Now Each and Every Facebook User will be able to create short GIFs that can be shared on Facebook. Animated GIF images are also as important as emojis nowadays. GIF images are already popular on Facebook, which just recently added a GIF option in the comments section. Now, the social networking giant is letting you make your own GIFs with the addition of a GIF mode in Facebook Camera. You will also be able to use Facebook’s effects and frames that were normally available in the camera. The GIF images you make can be saved to your device, posted on your profile or to your Facebook story.

Facebook last month introduced the GIF option in the comments section. On the 30th birthday of the GIF format. You can already send GIFs on Messenger and WhatsApp. But making your own GIFs means more freedom, You can serve your own GIFs in your own creative way.

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